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Background (complete curriculum vitae (german))
1992-1998: Undergraduate studies in Biology at J.W.-Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt a.M.
since August 1997 member of humangenetics workgroup (Prof.Dr. Anna Starzinski-Powitz)
and visitor at EMBL
diploma thesis : "Methodenentwicklung und Anwendungsbeispiele
fuer Protein- und Nukleotidsequenzanalysen"
functional characterization of unknown protein families (UPFs)
web-tool developement : prediction of Intrinsic Features


1998-2001 PhD student at EMBL ``Annotation and classification of nuclear domains'',
member of Bork Group (Biocomputing) Download of thesis and presentation (german)

Dec 2001-Jun 2003 employee at Anadays Pharmaceuticals Europe GmbH
setup of a bioinformatics department

since July 2003 postdoctoral research at EMBL Bork Group (Biocomputing)

since July 2005 junior groupleader equivalent position at EMBL Bork Group (Biocomputing)
granted by the NGFN - Nationales Genomforschungsnetz / NGFN plus

February 2008 founding of Life Science company biobyte solutions GmbH

Scientific interests
functional prediction of proteins, comparative sequence analysis, domain hunting
genomic context analysis, meta genomics, phylogenetic analysis

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(*These authors equally contributed to the work)

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